Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Going Veg + My Blonde Hair

I've been trying to cut out meat more and more from my diet. So I've been trying a bunch of different recipes that I've found online. It's difficult trying to find something that's filling and still tastes good at the same time. It's an accomplishment if my brother doesn't complain, "its missing meat..." Here is the recipe that I tried and we all enjoyed it very much. I've made it twice already.

I did try another recipe as well, but even though it was filling, I felt that it was missing something... Here is the recipe if you want to try it: Vegan Spiced Coconut Chard and Chickpeas with  Quinoa.
I also found some Indian recipes that I've tasted in a frozen boxed meal from Amy's. It seems easy enough to make, so I'm going to try to make something called Aloo Matar.

Also here is an update on how my hair turned out.
The bottom and back is still kind of orange (my hair is a light golden strawberry blonde), but I'm pretty happy with the color right now.

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